Nylon 12pa

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SLS Parts

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Rigid Cloth

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Bed Size:

320mm x 320mm x 400mm

*up to 600mm print height available, inquire for details

Nylon12PA is our Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) print material. It is a durable versatile plastic which has a huge range of applications, perfect for prototypes or end products. 

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Food safe and skin-friendly

High compression strength 

Good chemical resistance 

Heat resistant up to 75C


Material Data Sheet

About SLS

Selective laser sintering (SLS) is regarded one of the best 3D printing methods and is an industry standard for rapid prototyping and unique production.


How it works

The machine is able to produce parts with extreme accuracy due to the uncomplicated nature of production. A Laser beam sinters the preheated, thermoplastic powder layer by layer. A  controlled amount of powder is deposited onto the print bed to form a new layer. The sintetred particles fuse together to become the final produced part, unsintetred powder breaks away freely to be recycled in a new build.

With precision accuracy, we work on tolerances of 0.1mm. Perfect for final product standards with rough raw finishes or rumbled/sanded top quality finishes. 

We print all our SLS prints with EOS's top quality powder. All our SLS machines are large scale beds able to print large parts. 

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