Meet the team

New Zealand’s leading 3D Printing Service

  • We were the first 3D printing service in NZ, starting back in 2001

  • We are the largest 3D printing service in NZ with 11 major machines

  • We are a mix of 3D printing graduates, other scientists and ‘old-school’ manufacturing professionals

  • We are proud to be Kiwi owned and run and your IP is safe with us

  • We do as much digital manufacturing as rapid prototyping – half of our volume is repeat short-run work

  • We offer different production priorities (and rates) from overnight to a fortnight

  • We have excellent relationships with niche providers for specialist products we don’t make here

  • We give great advice – we don’t just print your file as it is, we check it and optimise it

Why are we the leading 3D Printing Service in New Zealand?

  • We have the best techniques, giving you the best combination of resolution, detail or speed

  • We use high quality raw materials with the lowest proportion of recycled material

  • We have the best post-processing capabilities to provide smooth, clean product

  • We have the best pre-processing skills to print your product in the best way and cheaper

  • We have a very low failure rate due to professional machine maintenance and quality materials

  • We have the scale to meet substantial peaks in demand

  • We are not the cheapest – though we try to be the most efficient – because we produce a high quality product with excellent service

  • We are experts in rapid prototyping, low-volume manufacturing and production of high-complexity parts

  • We have learnt a lot in two decades of supporting NZ industry